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A few days ago, I had given the recipe for Maavinkayi Chitranna ( Raw Mango Rice). With the mango season going on, I thought I would share yet another recipe using mangoes today. This is a simple and quick to make chutney, for which you should preferably use Totapuri mango. This mango variety gets its name for its distinctive shape which resembles a parrot's beak. One nice thing about Totapuri mango is that you don't need to peel it.

The Byadgi red chillies gives this chutney its special colour. This variety of red chillies from Karnataka is not too spicy but adds a rich colour.  This is a versatile chutney and I use it as an accompaniment for  dosas, idlis, rotis and the like. Some people also have this with rice.

The biggest USP of this recipe: As tasty as it is quick to make:)

  • Raw Mango (Totapuri), medium-sized, 1*
  • Fresh Coconut Gratings, 1/4 cup
  • Byadgi Red Chillies, roasted, 2 OR Chilli Powder, 1 tsp
  • Hing ( Asafoetida) large pinch, 1
  • Salt, to taste 
  • Coconut Oil, 1 tsp


Wash and cut the raw mango into small pieces, discarding the mango seed.
Grind together the coconut gratings, roasted red chillies and hing in a mixer
Once the red chillies are properly crushed, add the chopped raw mango pieces and salt
Add a little water
Run the mixer till the raw mango pieces get fully blended
Transfer to a bowl and drizzle a tsp of coconut oil
Serve as accompaniment for dosa, idli, roti etc

  • * While Totapuri mango need not be peeled, if you are using other varieties you would need to peel them after washing
  • In case you don't have roasted red chillies readily available, you can use 1 tsp red chilli powder, or as per your taste.

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