Saturday, October 26, 2013



Today's dish is a dosa made of not just rice but a mixture of rice and "poha." As you might know, poha is the Marathi word for "beaten" or "flattened " rice. We call this "phovu" in Konkani while as in Kannada it is called "Avalakki."

This dosa comes out as being deliciously soft and spongy on top and crisp at the bottom. 

  • Raw Rice, 2 cups
  • Poha* (Beaten Rice), 1 cup * Thin Variety or Patla Poha
  • Curds, 2 tbsp
  • Salt, to taste
  • Oil, as required for making dosas


Wash and soak rice and poha separately for about 5-6 hours
Drain the rice and poha and grind them separately to a fine paste, using as little water as possible
Mix them well together
Add curds and salt
Keep this overnight or for 7-8 hours for fermenting
Your batter is now ready for making dosas
Heat a non-stick tawa and pour a ladle full of batter without spreading it as you would for a regular dosa
Pour a little oil around the dosa and keep it covered on low flame till the bottom of the dosa gets crisp
When you open the lid, you will find that the dosa looks porous
There is no need to flip the dosa
Remove and serve hot with a chutney of your choice.

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