Thursday, November 14, 2013


Children's Day is celebrated today, November 14 in India. As all you Moms would agree sometimes getting small kids to eat  (if not the bigger ones) can be quite a challenge. This is where Fun Food comes in. 

I am pleased that my daughter, Archana S. Nayak has stepped up and contributed this guest post as a Children's Day Special. Over to you, Archana....

Fun Food broadly refers to food presented in an interesting fashion that's both enjoyable to make and eat. It encourages picky little kindergarteners to eat their food while having fun at the same time.
This Children's Day, surprise your kid with a lovely breakfast/after school snack! Here are two ways of making pancakes/dosa into fun food: 

1. Teddy Face: Take a uniformly browned pancake for the face. With handy kitchen scissors trim the central portion of the dosa that's lighter in colour for the snout and the outer, browned portion for rounded ears. Decorate the face with adorable looking chocochip eyes, a cute nose and heart warming smile of chocolate syrup. 

 2. Savory Owl: Evenly cover the top surface of a small pancake with yummy cheese spread. Place savory crackers for eyes and highlight with dark raisin pupils. Place a crunchy almond beak in the center and sliced almond feathers on the head and either side of the owl.'s also about celebrating the child in you!

 Thank you, Archana, for this guest post. I am sure the Moms ( and Grandmoms too, I guess) will enjoy making these fun foods just as much as the kids would enjoy eating them!

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