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The specialty of this variety of the popular South Indian breakfast item idlis, is that they are made without rice. They are made of Urad dal ( black gram dal) and  Moong dal ( Green gram Dal). This in no way takes away from the taste of the idlis which in fact come out soft and fluffy. 
This recipe comes in handy for those who wish to have idlis but not those made with rice. It is also useful for those who observe fast on particular days by not eating anything made of rice. 

The addition of finely grated ginger and crushed green chillies gives the idlis a spicy flavour of their own. Do try this and let me know what you think of it.

Urad dal ( Split Black Gram Dal), 1 cup ( right of the pic below)
Moong Dal ( Split Green Gram Dal), 1 cup ( left of the pic below)

Ginger, finely grated, 1/2 " piece
Green chillies, crushed, 2-3
Salt, to taste
Oil, for greasing the idli moulds
Wash and soak urad dal and moong dal separately for 3-4 hours
Grind them separately in a mixer to a smooth batter. While grinding, add only the required amount of water so that the batter does not become too dilute.
Mix the two batters in a large vessel, add salt and allow this to ferment for 10-12 hours or overnight.
In choosing a vessel, ensure there is enough space for the batter to rise as it ferments.
The final batter is thick in consistency like the usual idli batter
Add finely grated ginger and crushed green chillies to this batter.
Grease the idli moulds as you would for making any type of idlis
Pour in the batter and steam for 10-12 minutes in a pressure cooker without using the weight
Demould the idlis after they cool
Serve hot with sambar or chutney of your choice.



  1. Thank you . It turned out good.

  2. You are most welcome.
    Glad you liked it.

  3. Superb no eno no turned out delicious

  4. Idlis turned out good. I tried with 1 cup split black gram dal with skin too.

  5. Can it will be cooked in idli making vessle means Pedavan instead of pressure cooker

  6. Sounds amazing, God bless you and your talent

  7. Person who suffer from diabetes it is good food for them.

  8. Hello, I’ve made these idlis since we want to avoid rice. Even though they’re super soft in texture, fermented moong dal (possibly) causes a terrible smell. Have you encountered that too? Thanks!

    I’ve tried with 1 urad and 2 moong dal and also 1:1 proportions.

    1. The ratio is 1:1. The smell can be totally avoided if the dals are washed thoroughly


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