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Did you know that Colocasia, known popularly as Arbi in Hindi, Arvi in Gujarati , which we call Alvamando in Konkani is supposed to be one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world? This article in NDTV Cooks says it has been cultivated for some ten thousand years! It also shares different recipes that can be made of Arbi, which has good benefits to health as well.

By the way, we use the colocasia leaves to make a delicacy called Pathrodo.

I am sharing what we make in many Konkani homes, a simple and tasty stir fry called "Alvamande Upkari."  If you prefer the dish to be more spicy, you can vary the amount of chilli powder.

  • Colocasia Corms, about 15-20 or about 500 gms
  • Oil, 2 tbsp
  • Mustard Seeds, 1 tsp
  • Chilli Powder, 1 tsp or as per taste
  • Turmeric Powder, 1/4 tsp
  • Asafoetida, a large pinch
  • Curry Leaves, a few
  • Salt, to taste

Firstly, wash the colocasia thoroughly 
In a pressure cooker, with a little water, cook the colocasia until soft  ( 1 whistle) 
Remove, drain the water and allow it to cool
Then peel the skin of the colocasia and cut them into longish  pieces
In a thick bottomed kadhai, heat oil. When it is hot, add the mustard seeds.
When they splutter, add asafoetida, followed by curry leaves
Add the colocasia pieces and salt to taste
Mix well
Now add the turmeric powder, and the chilli powder
Once again mix well to ensure the powders are well blended with the colocasia pieces
Continue to stir fry till is becomes golden and crisp

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