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There are ever so many varieties of dosa like for example, elsewhere in this blog, you will find recipes for Dosa, Paper Dosa, and Masoor Dal Dosa.

It interests me to make new varieties of dosas such as "Pancharatna Dosa" the recipe for which I have adapted from the one shared by my friend, Vidya Nayak Shenoy. It is different to the extent that we use five types of dal.

By the way,  Fried Gram is called Hurigadale in Kannada, Udacha Kadalai in Tamil and Bhuna Chana in Hindi.

  • Dosa Rice, heaped cup, 1
  • Urad dal, a fistful 
  • Tur dal, a fistful  
  • Chana dal, a fistful  
  • Moong dal, a fistful  
  • Fried Gram, a fistful 
  • Methi seeds, 2 tsp 
  • Salt, to taste
  • Oil, as required to make the dosas
In the picture below, top row : (l to r) Urad dal and tur dal.
                                  bottom row: (l to r) Chana dal, Moong dal, and Fried Gram.


Soak the dosa rice for about 3 hours
Soak the urad dal, tur dal, chana dal, moong dal, fried gram, and methi seeds together for about 3 hours
In a mixer, grind together the soaked dals-methi seeds mixture to a smooth batter using the required amount of water. Keep aside
Next, grind the soaked dosa rice to a smooth batter using the required amount of water
Combine the two batters in a vessel, add salt as required, mix well
Keep the batter to ferment for 8-10 hours or overnight
Next morning, the batter is ready for you to make dosa *
Serve hot with chutney of your choice.

* Method of making dosas is given in detail in the recipe for Dosas linked above.

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