Thursday, January 21, 2016



I have been sharing recipes till now in this blog. For a change, today I shall share something else: an experience of ordering in online. It was a delightful one at that, I may add. Yesterday we ordered in from, a start up in the online food business which is just a couple of weeks old but has made a positive impact on those who have experienced their products and services. Details of their products and rates are mentioned in their simple but effective website.

As a tea time snack, we asked for the Veg Medley Cutlets which were light and accompanied with a rich mint chutney and fresh salad. They lived up to their description of being "a crisp melody of vegetables in a juicy cutlet."

 Later for dinner, we had Chicken Tikkas as starters " a delightful marinated and char grilled starter"followed by the Nilgiri Niche, a veg combo meal of  "Nilgiri veg curry, paneer tawa masala, and coin parottas." The perfectly marinated tikkas were succulent and delicious, and the best of what we had ordered. The veg curry too was aromatic and tasty with a liberal use of spices.

The food was excellent and we were more than satisfied that it was a value for money deal. The packaging was efficient  and hygienic, the service prompt and courteous.

You will, I am sure, hear more about FoodCinemas as they grow over time. At present, they offer evening snacks and dinners delivered around a limited vicinity in South Bengaluru but based on our experience, I daresay they will spread their wings and grow to be a blockbuster in the online food business- like the Blockbuster Platters they serve.

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