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I have used products from Gits Food Products for many years now. I recall using their Instant Gulab Jamun Mix on many occasions when my children were much younger. I heard recently they have launched a new range of instant wholesome breakfast foods which include Brown Rice Idli, Brown Rice Dosa, Brown Rice Dhokla, Ragi Dosa, and Oats Idli.

I recently received a gift hamper from them of these products.

Instant mixes help you save time so if you are faced with a time crunch, these can come in handy for you. They help rustle up a breakfast in a short while without having to make the effort of preparing the batter etc.

Brown Rice is reputed to be rich in fiber, iron and vitamins. The mix also contains flax seeds which are good for health. They claim this pack makes 18 brown rice idlis of approx 30 grams each. I got about 12 , perhaps because my idli moulds are much bigger.

Overall, we were happy with the ease of making the brown rice idlis, they came out nice and fluffy and we enjoyed the taste too.


Mix the contents of the pack with 320 ml (approx 2 cups of 160 ml) of water and 1 tbsp of oil
Stir to a smooth batter
Lightly grease idli mould with oil
Stir batter gently and pour 2 tbsp batter into each mould
Place idli moulds inside the steaming vessel
Cover and cook on high steam for 10-15 minutes
If pressure cooker is used do not apply weight/whistle
Serve steamed hot fluffy side up idlis with Gits Instant sambhar or coconut chutney

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