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Most people who are not familiar with South Indian cuisine are astonished at the wide variety of dosas that we make in our homes. The ingredients vary and consequently the texture. Most require the batter to be fermented while some do not. Elsewhere in this blog you will find recipes for a few types of dosas such as the basic "plain" Dosa, Masoor Dal Dosa, Poha Dosa, and Pancharatna Dosa.

This recipe is adapted from Rice Rava Dosa shared by my friend, Archana Vinay in a cooking group in which we are members. The dosas turned out to be soft, fluffy and porous. We enjoyed them with Raw Mango Thokku.

  • Dosa Rice/Raw Rice, 2 cups
  • Sooji Rava ( Semolina), 1/2 cup
  • Cooked Rice, 1 tbsp
  • Yeast, 1/2 tsp
  • Sugar, 1 tsp
  • Salt, taste
  • Oil, for making dosas

Wash and soak the raw rice for 3-4 hours. Drain the excess water.
In a mixer, grind this soaked raw rice, along with the cooked rice, to a smooth paste adding just the required amount of water. Keep aside
Boil the sooji rava in 1 and 1/2 cups of water to form a paste and allow it to cool to room temperature. However, it should not get so cooled that it cakes/forms into lumps.
Soak yeast in a little warm water along with 1 tsp of sugar and stir till the yeast fully dissolves
Next, in a large vessel, mix the ground paste of rice, the cooked and cooled sooji rava paste, salt, and the yeast
Mix well such that there are no lumps of sooji rava in the batter
Adjust the consistency of the batter by adding water only if required to get a consistency which is not too thick or too runny
Set aside this batter for fermenting for about 6-8 hours or overnight
When the batter is fermented, you will find that it has increased in volume 
Heat a tawa, lightly grease it with oil  and when it gets hot pour a ladle of the batter
Lightly spread the batter (though not as much as you would for the regular dosa) 
Cook covered on medium flame for a few minutes. You will notice holes appearing in the dosa
Drizzle oil around the dosa and fry till the bottom of the dosa gets done
There is no need to flip them on the other side
Serve the soft and fluffy dosas hot with thokku or chutney of your choice


  1. its like appam recipe only made on tava instead of appam chatti

  2. I make this the test is best


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