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The beauty of coloured capsicum (which is what bellpepper is popularly called here in India) is that apart from its health properties and taste, it adds considerably to the visual appeal of the dish. Here for example is one such dish, a simple preparation using two of my favourite vegetables, babycorn and capsicum. 

This dish is relatively easy to make especially since most of us often have cooked rice handy. It is adapted from Babycorn & Capsicum Rice by Tarlaji Dalal. 

We had it the other day and it tasted just great!!


  • Babycorn, chopped, 3/4 cup
  • Coloured Capsicum, ( Red, Yellow & Green)  chopped, 3/4 cup 
  • Cooked Rice, 2 heaped cups
  • Oil, 1 tbsp
  • Onions, finely chopped, 1/2 cup
  • Garlic, finely chopped, 1 tsp
  • Tomato Ketchup, 4 tbsp
  • Tomato Puree, 1 tbsp
  • Chilli Powder, 1 tsp
  • Sugar, a pinch
  • Salt, to taste
  • Freshly ground Pepper, to taste

Chop roughly equal proportions of red, yellow and green capsicum such that you have 3/4 cup in all. 
Heat oil in a broad non-stick pan, and when it gets hot add the finely chopped onions and garlic
Saute on medium flame for 1 minute 
Add the chopped babycorn and coloured capsicum, mix well and saute for another 3-4 minutes 
Now add the tomato ketchup, tomato puree, chilli powder and sugar
Mix well and cook on medium flame for 1 minute 
To this add the cooked rice, salt and pepper
Mix well so that the capsicum, babycorn and the rice get well blended and cook on medium flame for 1-2 minutes
Serve hot 

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