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Once in a while when I feel like it, I write about our experience in dining out at a restaurant, hoping that would be of use to readers of my blog. These days with Trip Advisor, Zomato and what have you, there are many inputs you can get about a restaurant but this is to share my personal experience.

Chutney Chang has something for everyone. If you are one of those who approach a buffet spread as if it is your last meal on earth, there is enough and more for you. Go ahead and eat till you drop. If you are more choosy, you can wander around looking at the wide variety of dishes and choose what attracts you or what you like best.

We went there recently to celebrate my husband's birthday and came away extremely satisfied with our dining experience. We visited Chutney Chang in Jayanagar though there is one in Church Street too. For elder people the landmark is the old Cosmopolitan Club, for the youngsters it is Amoeba!

What we liked was the spaciousness of the place. There were ever so many people around but it seemed like we had our own space and the tables were not crushed close to each other.

We started with the Sweet Corn Chicken Soup which was quite delicious. There was also Noodle Soup on offer which looked quite interesting. 


For starters we headed to the Live Grill from where we picked up Tawa Fried Seer Fish, and Stuffed Chicken Rolls sliced into Spring Roll like portions. These were excellent hot off the tawa. Also on offer was Mutton Kheema in roasted pav (buns) .

For the main course, we had Gosht Dum Biriyani, Chicken Tangri Kabab, Murgh Sesame Kabab and Fish Spring Rolls had with mint chutney, garlic and chilli sauce. The mutton pieces in the biriyani were soft and tender. The fish spring rolls were awesome!

We also sampled the Bombay street food inspired Tawa Fried Noodles with a host of colourful ingredients that go into it.

In conversation with Chef Martin as we have the Tawa Fried Chicken Noodles.

Did we try most of the buffet? Of course, we did not. We didn't go to the Live Chaat section or the  Live Dimsum counter nor did we taste the vegetarian delicacies on offer.

For dessert, we skipped the Indian sweets and stayed with chocolate brownies, strawberry pastry, and marshmellows and jujubes soaked in the sinful chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

We visited on a Friday afternoon. The Khao Chao Indian Chinese fusion theme was on. The bill for two of us came to Rs. 1550 inclusive of all taxes. The staff were courteous and helpful especially Sheela our helpful hostess who took good care of us.

Overall, we were delighted with our dining experience and would heartily recommend the buffet at Chutney Chang. I believe you will get your money's worth!

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