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Followers of this blog would have noticed that there hasn't been any post in quite some time. The last was, in fact, on January 14, 2019. This is because my husband and I are visiting our son, in San Francisco in the United States where we will be till the end of February.  I hope to post once in a while mainly to give readers some idea of the fun food we tasted during our travels.

Let me start with some interesting trivia. We left Namma Bengaluru early morning of January 17, 2019. Our first flight took us to Paris, France in some 10 hours. Then followed another 11 flight to San Fransisco. Funnily enough, due to the complexities of the International Date Line, after all these hours of travel we arrived in San Francisco on January 17!

This is our second visit to the US. We had traveled extensively here when we came in 2011 but I didn't have a blog then! We visited the country from Coast to Coast covering Boston, New York, West Virginia, Delaware, Rochester NY, Florida, Texas, and California, amongst other places in 65 days. We enjoyed different types of cuisine but since I never captured those details then, I would like to do so now. To share what we experienced - through my blog.

We had an enjoyable visit for a few days to Hawaii where we stayed at the Westin's Moana Surfrider in Honolulu. We were welcomed with the traditional leis (garlands) of orchids.

The views of the Waikiki Beach and beyond were very beautiful. Indeed, Hawaii which we had heard so much about, is such a lovely place.

The Duke's Waikiki, a restaurant in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii was a fun place. Absolutely jam packed with tourists and holiday makers when we got there in time for brunch. It was considerable noisy, full of life, and the aromas of the food, especially the sea food wafted in the air.

We grabbed the famous Ahi Poke, made with local ahi, shoyu style, shaved jalepeno, furikake cracker and chili aliloli, and a dish of Salmon.

This was teamed with Fish & Chips, battered, fried crisp and served with tartar sauce. This dish was delicious too. The portions were more than generous and we enjoyed the meal.

As time permits, we hope to add more posts focussing on the new foods we ate and the cuisines we experienced during our trip. Until next time, Aloha, as they say in Hawaii!

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