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In modern day India, all kinds of convenience foods are fast catching on especially in the large metros.  Amongst the wide range of convenience food that vary from beverages to breakfast cereal, those more attuned to Indian food are happy that we have several options for Ready To Cook (RTC in today's parlance) idli/dosa batter. As you know, for many in the Southern States idlis and dosa are frequently on the family dining table. So, anything that gets them there with the minimum of effort is most welcome. 

The reasons for the popularity of RTC batters are obvious. More women are working and time is at a premium in most homes. People (who can afford it of course) are more than willing to pay for the convenience that RTC batter provides. Contrast this with the old days when the batter had to be made at home by soaking the rice and other ingredients followed by the tiresome task of grinding the batter. 

For those new to South Indian cooking, I must clarify that the process of making idli or dosa is the same whether you use home made batter or the store bought RTC batter. 

While we had several brands on the department store shelves over the last few years, a new one for me was Rishta manufactured by Rishta Foods,  I must thank my friend, Raunak Kundu for introducing me to this product when I received a gift hamper from them. 

This family owned firm started making idli/dosa batter in 2015. It appears their products have become quite popular since then.  They have an interesting and eye catching by line; " We Serve What We Eat At Home!" 

We tried this out the other day and enjoyed it immensely. The idli/dosa batter comes in two types: one is the Regular Speciality Batter which has single polished rice, unpolished urad dal and methi.  With this batter, I tried out both idlis and dosas (pictures below). 

They also have a Multi Grain version which has the more healthy combination of brown rice and sprouted ragi.  I used this batter to make idlis and what we call Appo in Konkani, also called Paddu/Paniyaram in the South. This was served with their mildly-spiced Milagai Podi and home made chutney 

The manufacturers mention that no soda and preservatives have been added in the batter. I found the Rishta batter is fairly thick, and much thicker than other brands I have used till now. It has a grainy texture which makes for a better and more coarse finish to the idlis and dosas. 

In summary, I find this product definitely worth the price even though it is a premium product that is more  expensive than the other brands that I have come across. The packaging was excellent. It speaks of the care taken to maintain hygiene/product quality. I would highly recommend Rishta's Idli Dosa Batters for those who look for premium quality and convenience. 

In Bengaluru, you can order Rishta products online from MilkBasket, Big Basket, BB Daily and TownEss ( formerly Town Essentials). 

All you need to do for Home Delivery is to Whats App on 8339912345. 

If they maintain the product quality, this could be the start of a new "Rishta" ( relationship!) for many idli/dosa fans like me! 

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