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This is the time of year when Indian Gooseberries are available in plenty. These are called  Nellikai/Nellikayi in Tamil and Kannada, Amla in Hindi, and Avalo in my mother tongue, Konkani.

Today's dish is called Nellikai Thayir Pachadi, Thayir being the Tamil word for curds. It is a curd based raita-like side dish served with the main meal. In today's really easy to make recipe, we grind together the gooseberries and spices and mix this with fresh curds. 

We have been told that even in ancient times our rishis knew about the many health benefits of amla. This article details some of the health benefits  of gooseberries. 

Traditionally they have been used in South Indian cooking, so elsewhere in this blog you will find other dishes made with gooseberries such as:-

For best results, we should use fresh curds when we make this dish. 
Nellikai Thayir Pachadi goes great with hot steamed rice and spicy rasam.


  • Nellikai ( Gooseberries) , 5
  • Thayir ( Fresh Curd), 1 cup
  • Mustard Seeds, 1/4 tsp
  • Fresh Coconut Gratings, 2 tbsp
  • Green Chillies, 3
  • Salt, to taste

For Seasoning:
  • Mustard Seeds, 1/2 tsp
  • Curry Leaves, 6-8
  • Oil, 1 tsp

Wash and de-seed the gooseberries and chop them into pieces
In a small mixer jar, grind together the chopped gooseberries, mustard seeds, green chillies and fresh coconut gratings to make a smooth paste adding just the required amount of water 
In a bowl, whisk the fresh curds and to this add the ground paste just prepared and salt to taste
Mix well together 
Heat oil in a small pan and on medium heat add the mustard seeds
When they splutter add the curry leaves and sauté for a few seconds
Switch off the gas and add this seasoning to the Nellikai Thayir Pachadi
Serve as a side dish to the main meal with steamed rice and rasam

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  1. I must try this recipe.... pachadi is my favourite.


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