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As foodies, my husband and I have been enthusiastic members of "Bangalore Foodies Club" a group for foodies on Facebook which has grown very rapidly in the last few years. There are more than 192, 000 members as of date. It is run efficiently by a team headed by our friend, Raunak Kundu. 

I would like to thank Raunak for having introduced me to products from ChefBoss. I had vaguely heard of this outfit so was keen to try out their products when he arranged to send across a hamper to us.

This had two products : Lucknowi Biryani Paste and Hot Garlic Cooking Sauce. 

Before getting to the dishes, a bit about what we learnt about ChefBoss. I liked the interesting line tossed up by them which goes, " Time To Chef It Up: Like A Boss" A visit to their website  shows their impressive and growing range of products. They describe their products of ready to cook pastes, gravies and cooking sauces as their culinary toolkit for you to explore Indian and international cuisine favourites.

 These, as of now, are in two streams : Indian and Chinese. 

I first tried out the Lucknowi Biryani Paste in which one can use either vegetables or chicken. The instructions are easy to follow. They claim the dish can be made in just three steps thanks to their paste which has all the ingredients needed to give a great taste. Of course, you do need to have cooked rice to start with. 

I made the Lucknowi Biryani using Vegetables and it came out fine. I used Basmati rice and Carrots, Beans, and Cauliflower, garnished with mint and coriander leaves. It was very tasty. I must mention here the distinct taste of Kewra and Rose Water ingrained in the paste. 

As lovers of prawns, I simply had to innovate and make another round of Biryani using the frozen prawns I had readily available and the Biryani Paste. 

This "Lucknow meets Goa" dish turned out to be delicious!

The Hot Garlic Cooking Sauce was aromatic and was great -paired with Fried Rice. This sauce can be made with Chicken, Paneer or Mixed Vegetables. I made this using Capsicum, Onions, Carrots, Beans and Cauliflower. This was garnished with chopped Spring Onion Greens. 

These products are a big time saver for everyone who values their time. The Ready To Cook Paste saves you the hassle of getting together all the ingredients and preparing them for the dish. 

Overall, I was happy with the taste and flavour of the ChefBoss products that I tried out. I plan to use more in the course of time.

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