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I would like to share our very pleasant dining experience at the Montrio Bistro during our recent stay at Monterey, Ca.  Although this restaurant was started in 1995, it is housed in an impressive old building at 414 Calle Principal- which was the city's first firehouse inaugurated in 1910. 

Having made our reservations well in advance, we got a nice table at one corner of the restaurant. Don't miss the bricked walls behind us, a prominent feature of the whole building. 

Having had our share of wine at the Old Monterey Inn where we were staying, we opted for mocktails this evening. It is indeed interesting how dishes and drinks are named ! I asked for  a Passionate Life ( made with passion fruit, lime, and mint) while my husband chose the Blood Orange Shrub ( made with blood orange sherbet, soda, and lime).  The mocktails were tall and cool! 

We fondly remembered the crab cake we enjoyed during our last trip to the US. So, for the appetizer, we ordered the Crispy Dungeness Crab Cake - which was truly delicious. It came cooked with lemongrass butter sauce and tarragon oil.

For the entree, we had the Pan Roasted Organic Mushroom Chicken made with garlic mashed potatoes, confit garlic, pea tendrils and sherry vinegar jus. 

We were pretty full at the end of the meal so we skipped the dessert and ended our dinner with a hot cup of Cappuccino.

I had the pleasure of meeting with the Executive Chef Sascha Lyon. You can read about him in this article from Edible Monterey Bay 

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at the Montrio Bistro. We will definitely visit again. 

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