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We recently enjoyed 4 relaxing and quiet days in the scenic Timber Cove Resort on the Sonoma Coast for which the nearest small town is Jenner, Ca. We chose this place in particular as they are a pet-friendly resort and we could take our Goldie, Buster with us. The restaurant in this resort is called the Coast Kitchen and is a popular restaurant  in the Sonoma Coast.

The place was beautiful with superb views of the waters of the Pacific Ocean. We enjoyed seeing the different shades of colour in the ocean - from sun rise to sun set!

Through this post, I will share something about a few of the dishes we liked very much from the Coast Kitchen. 

For breakfast one day, I had Avocado Toast. As we discovered during our earlier trips to California, the Avocado fruit is a "must have" in these parts. It is considered to be one of the best foods for overall health. Check out more information on why avocados are considered a superfood here. 

                                                 Avocado Toast 

I loved the Avocado Toast which had Grilled Ciabatta ( a kind of bread), Poached Eggs, Baby Tomatoes, Pickled Vegetable, Feta Cheese ( made with goat/sheep milk) and Lime Crema to add a tangy flavour to the dish, apart from Avocado of course,

Prem (my husband and partner in this blog) chose the "Eggs Any Style". He chose to have an omelette which was served with breakfast sausages and roasted potatoes. Of course, toasts with butter and jam were there as well. This has been- and always will be-  one of his favourite breakfast spreads. 

To complete our breakfast, we had hot cups of Cappuccino, which we prefer amongst the ever so many types of coffee one gets in this part of the world. I have found that most Americans seem to love their coffee! This article elaborates on the many types of coffee beans available. Apparently, in the US 400 million cups of coffee are consumed per day!! 

Another dish that caught our attention was the Artisan Cheese Board. This was made up of three different types of local cheese along with  Truffle Honey, Fruit Mostarda, ( a fruit and mustard syrup), Mixed Olives, Grapes, Crackers, and Grilled Ciabatta. 

We also ordered a Romain Caesar Salad to go with the Artisan Cheese Board. This had Rosemary Caesar Dressing, Parmesan Cheese, and Croutons. 

The lunch was made complete with a Fort Point KSA Kolsch Beer, This is based on a German pale ale and is brewed in San Francisco  by the Fort Point Beer Company. 

We wondered whether the Grilled Chicken Sandwich on offer would be filling. On tasting it, we can confirm it was both very yummy and quite filling! This was built around a Brioche Bun which had Chicken, Jalapeno Aioli, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Bacon, and Avocado accompanied with a generous helping of French Fries. 

This post cannot be complete without my writing about the Smoked Oak Cod Rillettes- the secret of the recipe apparently is to perfectly smoke the cod  which is then served with Fresno Pepper Sauce, Radish, and Grilled Ciabatta. 

Another dish which we enjoyed was the Fritto Misto from Italian cuisine. The name comes from it being a "fried mix". Here seafood ( in this case: Calamari and Shrimps) is lightly battered and then deep fried and, mixed with Pickles, Jalapeno, Red Pepper, Aioli, and Fried Arugula. Interestingly, our Fritto Misto had a sprinkling of Japanese style Furikake ( a seasoning for rice). The dish was lip-smacking and though we don't have much of deep fried food, we had to make an exception for this Fritto Misto! 

Ever since we first tasted Chowder in Boston, years ago, this has remained a favourite for both of us. Naturally we sampled the Smoked Trout Chowder at the Coast Kitchen. This Chowder had potato, fennel, and Cream, and Micro greens. We loved the subtle flavour and rate this dish highly. 

Here we are enjoying some white wine- this one is a '21 Saini Sauvignon Blanc from Saini Vineyards in Dry Creek Valley in California. 

We ended one of our dinners with a dessert that we simply loved! This was the Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl - presented in an appealing, eye catchigng manner. This cheesecake came with Strawberry Sauce and Graham Crumble. Truly delicious!! 

Since we were staying in the resort, it didn't take us long to find out the best locations for our meals. Since we had our pet with us, we could not eat in the main restaurant but we could eat in the spacious Bar lobby, or on the patio on the other side of the restaurant which overlooked the Pacific Ocean. Another locations- a combination of indoors and outdoors was on the front side of the rest lobby.

The service was extremely good though the resorts tends to get crowded on the weekends. During this time, you simply have to budget for longer wait times for your orders. I guess that would be the case almost everywhere.

We thorugohgly enjoyed our stay at the Timber Cove Resort and our food at their Coast Kitchen. 

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