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A fruit platter is a delight to make and a completed one a feast for the eyes. A nicely done fruit platter makes an attractive addition to the lunch or dinner that you are hosting. It adds considerable colour to the table apart from, of course, being part of the dessert offering. Many who avoid high calorie sweet dishes settle for the fruits, though I am sure they would love to go for the sweets only if they could.

In an earlier post, I have shared a Pineapple Boat with you.

The fruit platter I present today has the following :
  • Watermelon
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Apples
In this, the first step is to make the watermelon stand firmly by slicing off a part of the bottom.  Then we scoop out the watermelon fruit.  Using a knife we decorate the watermelon by make a serrated edge right round the watermelon. I have then placed this on a bed of lettuce leaves.Then we fill up the watermelon " bowl" with fruits, including pieces of the watermelon, of course. The "bowl" also has the advantage of catching the juices that may flow from the cut fruit.

I have used a few red roses to add more colour to the arrangement but feel free to use colourful flowers as creatively as you can.

Some tips on preparing the platter:
  • Do all the cutting and dicing first, the assembling of the platter and arranging the fruit comes later
  • Cut the fruit into bite sized pieces so that it is easy for folk to eat
  • De-seed where required
  • At times, the juices of the fruit could still flow, so make sure you have something at the bottom of the platter to catch these juices and prevent them from spilling.

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