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Patoli is a delicacy for us Konkanis. This sweet is like a pancake of rice flour stuffed

with a sweet, coconut filling. The main characteristic of this dish is the rich fragrance 

given off by the turmeric leaves (haldi paan in Konkani) in which it is steamed. 

The taste and the aroma linger for long. This dish is usually prepared for our festivals 

like Gowri Puja, which is coming up shortly.

I was delighted when my friend Nisha Baliga Shenoy kindly agreed to share her recipe

for making this dessert in this guest post. Thank you, Nisha.

Nisha ( Nisha's Culinary) has a widely followed and active Facebook Page too. You 

will find many vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes there.

In the meantime, let's get down to enjoying the patolis made by her. Popped rice is 

called Aralu in Kannada and Layi in Konkani.

  • Rice, 1 cup
  • Popped Rice, 1 cup
  • Whole coconut, grated, 1
  • Cardamom, 2-4
  • Jaggery, 2 cups, or as per taste
  • Turmeric leaves, 25
  • Salt, to taste
These are the approximate measurements of making Patolis. Depends upon the size of the leaves.

Method. Soak rice in water for about an hour.
Along with 2 tbsps of grated coconut grind it to a fine paste.
Half way add a cup of just washed popped rice and small piece of jaggery and salt to taste.
Grind to fine paste. The mixture must be thick and must not be watery.

With the remaining jaggery, make syrup, strain it and add coconut grating and cook it till it forms a lump.
Add cardamom powder to the jaggery mixture.

Keep aside to cool.

HOW TO PROCEED. Wash and pat dry the turmeric leaves.

Lay them on a flat surface.
Meanwhile keep the steam vessel to boil adding enough water.
First spread the rice mixture on the leaf and then the jaggery mixture.

Close it and steam it in the steamer for half an hour.
The Patoli is almost done when you get the aroma of the cooked Patolis.
Peel it from the leaf when cool, otherwise it breaks.
Relish with warm Ghee !

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