Wednesday, January 1, 2014



Considering this is the first post for the New Year, I thought I should present a sweet. Not just any sweet but one which has nostalgic value for me as this was one of the first I learnt after my marraiage, from Bapamma, my husband's grand ma.

As we begin 2014 let me send you my best wishes for a bright, peaceful and happy New Year to you and yours!

  • Wheat flour (atta), 1 cup
  • Sugar, 2 cups
  • Curd, 1 cup
  • Butter, 1 cup
  • Cocoa Powder, 3 tbsp
  • Vanilla Essence, 1 tsp
  • Almonds/Cashewnuts, for garnishing
In a thick-bottomed non-stick pan, mix together wheat flour, sugar, curd and butter and heat it on medium flame
Stir it properly to ensure that all the ingredients blend well
Keep stirring on low flame till the mixture becomes thick (semi-solid)
Add cocoa powder and vanilla essence and mix it well
Continue to heat and stir till the mixture thickens and leaves the sides of the pan
Grease a plate with ghee and pour the thickened mixture in it and spread it evenly
Garnish with sliced almonds or roasted cashewnuts
Cut into the desired shapes likes squares or diamond to form the burfi
Allow it to cool completely and cut up each piece to serve or store as the case may be.

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