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As they say, time flies and I find a whole year has flashed passed since I started this blog on March 21, 2013. To celebrate I made a Bengali sweet as some of the best desserts in India come from Bengal.

We have always been fond of Mishti Doi (Sweet Curds) and have always bought it from stores like K C Das. For the first time, I thought I would make it myself. A search for the recipe for this delightful Bengali sweet dish led me to adapt this from Sudeshna Banerjee's Cook Like A Bong.

To caramelize the sugar, it is advisable to use a vessel with a handle which makes it easier to pour the molten sugar. Though it is mentioned that the earthen pot is optional, I would consider this essential as the curd sets better in an earthen pot. I also added saffron to garnish the Mishti Doi.

  • Full Cream Milk, 1 litre
  • Sugar, 8 tbsp.
  • Yogurt, 1 tbsp.
  • Saffron, a few strands, for garnish

Heat the full cream milk in a thick bottomed vessel
When it  boils, lower the flame and add 4 tbsp. of sugar
Mix well and simmer, stirring continuously, till the volume of the milk is reduced to a little less than half. Keep aside.
In a pan, heat the remaining 4 tbsp of sugar with 2 tbsp. of water till the sugar melts and becomes a golden brown syrup
Gradually add this sugar syrup to the milk (which is now condensed to half its volume) and boil for another 15 minutes over low flame
Now switch off the gas and allow it cool till it becomes luke warm
Pour the luke warm milk into the earthen pot and add the yogurt
Keep the pot in a dry, cool place and let the yogurt set overnight
Garnish with saffron
Refrigerate the set mishti doi and serve as dessert

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