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I first came across this simple to make yet delicious halwa ( a type of Indian sweet)  in a cooking group in which I am a member in September 2014. It was shared by my friend, Deepika Shenoy and it went viral!

Unlike the traditional Indian sweet which has a high ghee content, this halwa can be made with relatively less ghee.

It is primarily made of custard powder which is store bought. I used the Vanilla Flavoured Custard Powder from Weikfield. .As regards shapes in which the halwa is to be cut, you can try different forms but I have stuck to my old favourite diamond shape.

I found this lasts for 5-6 days if kept refrigerated. I must say that the cold halwa acquires a taste of its own which I personally liked very much.

I find that this halwa, which has undergone some changes over time, was put up as early as in 2012 by Hari Chandana in her blog, " Indian Cuisine.".


Custard Powder, 1 cup
Sugar, 2 and 1/2 cups, or to taste
Water, 4 cups
Ghee, 3 tbsp
Roasted Cashewnuts, chopped, 10-15,
Cardamom Powder, from 3-4 cardamoms
 + Ghee, for greasing the plate & roasting the cashewnuts


Using a little ghee, grease a plate and set aside
Powder 3-4 cardamoms, and keep aside
In a bowl, mix together the custard powder, sugar and water
Ensure that no lumps are formed while making this custard powder mixture
Heat a non-stick pan, and on medium heat, add the custard powder mixture, stir it continuously till it becomes thick
Now add the ghee and mix it thoroughly till the custard powder mixture becomes transparent and jelly like
Add the chopped roasted cashewnuts and the powdered cardamom
Mix well so that they are evenly distributed
Switch off the flame
Transfer the mixture onto the greased plate and allow it to cool completely
Cut the halwa into desired shapes

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