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I have great pleasure in sharing a Guest Post from my young friend, Sandhya Puranik who is very enthusiastic about cooking. She has contributed her recipe for a delicious pickle made of Elephant Foot Yam /Elephant Yam which we call Surnu in Konkani, Suran in Hindi and Surnagadde in Kannada.

She writes, "When we have large family get-togethers we often make pickles which can be prepared soon."

Another example of the "quick to make pickle" is the Mixed Vegetable Pickle which you will find elsewhere in this blog.

We love the freshness of the pickle, but the down side is that since no preservatives are added, they can at best be used for 2-3 days if kept refrigerated: provided of course they are not finished off by then.

Sandhya points out that the pickle tastes better on the next day so you should prepare it a day in advance.

Thank you, Sandhya for this Guest Post.

  • Surnu, (Elephant Foot Yam), 1 cup, chopped into small pieces
  • Byadgi Red Chillies, 8-10, or as per taste
  • Tamarind, size of a small marble
  • Mustard Seeds, 1/2 to 1 tsp
  • Methi (fenugreek ) seeds, a few
  • Hing ( Asafoetida), a small piece
  • Salt, to taste
  • Jaggery, a small piece ( optional)
  • Oil, for deep frying/shallow frying, as per your requirement
For seasoning:
  • Coconut Oil, 1 tsp
  • Mustard Seeds, 1/2 tsp

Apply salt to the chopped surnu pieces and keep aside
In a little oil, roast the red chillies
Then roast the mustard seeds, methi seeds and hing
When cool, grind the roasted ingredients along with the tamarind to a smooth paste adding just the required amount of water
Squeeze out the water given off by the surnu pieces because of the applying of salt
Deep fry the surnu pieces till golden and place on a kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil
Add the fried surnu pieces to the ground paste,
Add salt to the ground paste ( remember that the surnu pieces already have salt)
Add water, add jaggery ( if you are using ) and boil it
Finally season with mustard seeds

  • You can also shallow fry the surnu pieces or roast them with a little oil in a non-stick pan till crisp
  • The red chillies can be increased or decreased as per your requirement
  • Add mustard seeds carefully as too much of this will make the pickle bitter

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