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Amongst Indian sweets, ladoos are very popular in every household. Elsewhere in this blog, you will find recipes for Besan Ladoos and Rava Ladoos.  In any Konkani GSB household, I guess "Churmundo" ( Ladoos made of wheat flour/atta) will rank as one of the favourite sweets made on festive occasions, and indeed any time else as everyone in the family invariably loves them.

The recipe for Churmundo today comes by way of a Guest Post by my friend, Shamala Bhat from Bengaluru. Thanks, Shamala.

The addition of raisins and cashewnuts roasted in ghee is optional as they enhance the taste of the churmundos. These are added when the mixture is cooled before shaping them into ladoos.

If stored in air tight containers, churmundos can last for a few weeks to a month provided they are all not polished off by then.


Chickpea Flour, (Besan), 1/3 cup
Wheat Flour, (Atta), 1 cup
Ghee, 1/4 cup
Powdered Sugar, 1 cup
Cardamom Powder, made from 2-3 cardamoms


Sieve besan and atta separatly and keep aside
In a thick bottomed pan, heat the ghee, add the besan and fry on medium heat for about a minute
Add the atta and roast it till it gives off a nice aroma and changes colour to become a light brown
During this process you would need to stir continuously so that the wheat flour does not get burnt
Remove from flame and allow it to cool completely
Add the powdered sugar and cardamom powder and mix them well.
Make individual ladoos by greasing your palms lightly with ghee and squeezing the cooled mixture, shaping them to make firm ladoos

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