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A couple of days back we had a wonderful lunch at Go Native in 5th Block, Jayanagar in our city of Bengaluru. As you can see from their website they have a boutique there but our main focus today is on the restaurant at the same premises.  We had read positive reviews for this restaurant at Zomato and decided it was worth checking out. Believe me, it most certainly was!

It was a week day and there wasn't too much of a crowd but there were a fair number of diners when we got there. We were led up the stairs to the balcony restaurant from where one gets a view of greenery which is becoming increasingly in short supply in Bengaluru. It was nice to see this restaurant was located in a lovely nook in a relatively uncrowded part of bustling Jayanagar.

We were delighted with the food. All the items were very tasty and we got our money's worth. The service was impeccable and Sooraj the guy who looked after us was knowledgeable in helping us navigate the menu which was full of dishes we hadn't come across before. The focus is on providing customers with seasonal products so we saw that many dishes had jackfruit in them. A few weeks earlier perhaps it would have been mangoes.

We started with the Mushroom Chilli Potato Soup which was simply superb!! If you like a spicy soup you can't find anything better. It was a splendid start to our meal.

There were many items on offer- all of them vegetarian, by the way- and we decided to opt for Harabhara Sabudana Kababs served with two types of chutneys. Sabudana, as you know is tapioca.

While we ate this we sipped at the Jackfruit and Coconut Milk Shake. It was surprisingly light given the ingredients and very refreshing.

The next item in our order was Cheesy Maddur Vada. As you would have guessed by now, this was not the conventional Maddur Vada as it had a light stuffing of cheese in it. The accompanying coconut chutney was delicious as were the crisp Maddur Vadas.

We hesitated between the Kathal (Jackfruit) Biryani and the Masala Banana Flower Rotis. We already had some jackfruit so we opted for the rotis. This was served with a spicy green peas gravy and a dry salad of healthy sprouts, groundnuts and the like.  The combination was great with the spicy peas curry paired with the relatively bland rotis and kosambari.

For dessert there were many items of offer. We chose the Lemon Cheesecake Tarts with Jackfruit Compote. This again was something very different from what we had tasted before and the freshly baked tarts were accentuated with the dahi and jackfruit compote. Lip smacking indeed!!

Over all we liked the ambience, the decor and the service. With all this we had a delicious meal with dishes we had never tasted before in this form. What more can one ask for??

In conclusion, this restaurant is highly recommended, if you like something different from the ordinary.

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