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Yesterday we went to Jayanagar in South Bengaluru for some shopping. It was nearly 1.30 pm when we were through, so we decided to have lunch before heading home. We were close to Hotel Pai Viceroy ( part of the Pai Group of Hotels). We could pull out the phone and search for possible lunching options or walk into the hotel near by. We decided to do this and ended up lunching at their multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant: The Royal Corner. 

We hadn't made any reservation but found a table quite easily and set about discussing what we should order. Yeshwant Prabhu is a courteous and well-informed member of the restaurant staff. He made sure we were quite comfortable. 

The restaurant had listed their recommendations by way of starters, main course and desserts. 

From amongst the choice of mocktails, we chose the Black Currant  (speciality of the house) and the Virgin Pinacola ( made with pineapple, coconut water, and fresh cream). Both the cocktails were excellent but we would vote the Black Currant to be the better of the two. 

We chose to have the Chole Biryani ( Chole being chickpeas in Hindi) served with raita ( a curd-based salad)  paired with the spicy Baby Corn Satay. The Chole Biryani was aromatic with a subtle flavour and we enjoyed this. Although this dish is marked as being spicy, we felt it wasn't that spicy at all.

In fact, we had ordered the more spicy Baby Corn Satay to complement the biryani and that turned out to be an inspired choice! The Baby Corn Satay (called Saute here) was probably the best dish of the lunch and came highly recommended as being one of the signature dishes of this restaurant. It lived up to this billing! 

For dessert, we chose the Nuttie Sundae ( made with nuts, dry fruits, tutti fruit, and ice cream). and the Fried Ice Cream. To look at -the Nuttie Sundae looked too much to eat at one go! However, we discovered the quantity was not that much and the optical illusion was created by the shape of the ice cream cup! 

The Fried Ice Cream is not available everywhere so we chose to have this. This favourite is ice cream inside a crunchy outer shell. The crisp outside-soft inside composition of the ice cream gives it its distinctive taste. 

So, at the end of the description of our lunch, we must say we enjoyed it very much.  The ambience of the restaurant was quite good. We found the staff  to be pretty efficient. Overall,  we would recommend The Royal Corner at Hotel Pai Viceroy, managed by Restaurant Manager T J Rajashekar,  for anyone looking for a variety of tasty vegetarian fare. 

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