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In my view, The House of MG,  is a "must visit" when you are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, as a tourist. This is an old mansion which was built in the last century and is now part hotel, part museum, and part restaurant. At the roof top of the House of MG is a restaurant called "Agashiye" which I was told means " Terrace" in Gujarati. We enjoyed a typical Gujarati thali here for lunch during our recent visit to Ahmedabad. As their brochure says, it was an experience of Fine Gujarati Dining on the Terrace! 

The entrance of the restaurant has an interesting collection of pots and pans. The diner can choose from three types of thalis. The more expensive of the three types have unlimited quantities of food. We opted for the limited thali-The Agashiye Classic- which though very tasty was itself way too much for us! 

The meal starts with a welcome drink. On that day it happened to be Pineapple and Jamfal Nu Sharbat. A tasty and refreshing mix of pineapple and guava!  

We loved the main course which was Jodhpuri Bataki ( made with potatoes) , Panchkuti Shaak ( made  with 5 types of vegetables), excellent Phulka Rotlis ( so light and delicious), Lila Kopra wala Rice ( a kind of coconut rice)  and the slightly sweet but super yummy Gujarati Dal.

Supporting the main coarse was a bevy of salads and chutneys: Fangavela Kathol, Kakdi, (Cucumber), Tomato, Seasonal Vegetable Pickle, Sweet Pickle, Coriander and Peanut Chutney and a spicy Garlic Chutney which was out of this world.  

Accompaniments served with the meal were Dahivada Chaat ( which was super), Fresh Buttermilk, and Papad. 

We were wondering what would be served for dessert and were happy to see it was Mohanthal- supposedly the most famous sweet of Ahmedabad. It was truly delicious and we won't forget this taste for a long time. We have had Mohanthal in different places but the one at Agashiye was by far the best we had.

The House of MG, as I mentioned before, is an interesting place to visit. Try to club this visit with a meal at Agashiye to make the experience complete! Highly recommended. 


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