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Friends told us that no trip to Jaipur was complete without dining at the Chokhi Dhani. Over the years,  Chokhi Dhani has come to represent Rajasthani culture and heritage primarily for tourists from India and abroad.  Naturally we were keen to try this as it was presented to us as an option to experience traditional Rajasthani food and culture in the ambience of a typical village.

The resort is on the highway towards Tonk and you would need a car to get there and bring you back. If you wish to visit for lunch that's not possible. They are open only for dinner- which means you need to plan an evening here. Their timings are from 5.00 pm to 11 pm. 

We went there one evening during our stay at Jaipur. Getting the tickets was no hassle. There are different options available. We chose the basic Rajasthani meal for 900/-. Let me explain that Chokhi Dhani is like a re-created village so you have stalls selling different types of handicrafts. There are also other shows by magicians, puppeteers, a guy who brought flames out of his mouth etc. One can take a ride on a camel too. 

As we entered we were given a welcome drink  that was piping hot. This was made of Buttermilk and Bajra. We then entered the ethnic styled dining hall, for dinner. We had to sit on the floor and ate the food served on a thali with many "donas" (katoras) made of leaves.

The people serving the food- dressed in their colourful gear- were a most enthusiastic bunch. They encouraged us to eat much more than we would have! 

Being a typical Rajasthani meal, it had rice and Rotlas (Rotis) of different kinds including those made with bajra (millet), and makai ( maize), and jowar. Of course we had the famous Dal Batti Choorma, Gatte ki Subzi,  Rajasthani Dal, Mirchi Vada, Kadhi, a dish made with legumes, Moong Dal Kachori, an Aloo Subzi, fresh cabbage and onion salad, and a yummy Lahsuni (garlic) chutney. A cooling glass of chaas ( buttermilk) was served with the meal. 

The meal was served using some very old world utensils! At the end of the meal, we were fed with a stream of piping hot jalebis which were delicious. We enjoyed the meal very much. 

After such a heavy meal, we had to stroll around the complex for some time. We had a look at some of the shops with their multi coloured clothes on offer and some of the entertainment shows. Especially enthralling was the "Ghoomar" dance. 

All in all, I feel Chokhi Dhani is a nice place to visit. What you will find there is very predictable given its positioning but well worth the experience! It does embody typical Rajasthani culture. Jai Sri Ram! 

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