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We love baby potatoes in my family. They look cute and add to the visual appeal of the dish. They can be used in many recipes in place of the regular potatoes.

Elsewhere in this blog, you will find recipes for dishes made with baby potatoes, such as:-

Today's recipe is for a side dish of baby potatoes coated with spice powders. I have adapted this from Potato Podi Curry from Tickling Palates. 

This is a saatvik -no onion-no garlic- recipe which can come in handy on days when you wish to skip these. 

It tastes great with both rice and rotis. Try serving this with steamed rice and rasam. You will love it! 


  • Baby Potatoes,  250 grams
  • Mustard Seeds, 1 tsp
  • Asafoetida, (Hing) 1/8 tsp
  • Curry Leaves, a sprig
  • Salt, to taste
  • Oil, 2 tbsp
To Roast & Grind For The Podi  (Spice Powder)
  • Coriander Seeds, 1 tbsp
  • Urad Dal, (Black Gram ), 1 tsp
  • Channa Dal, (Bengal Gram), 1 tsp
  • Byadgi Dry Red Chillies, 5-6
  • Coconut Gratings , 4 tbsp
  • Til, (White Sesame Seeds), 1 tsp
  • Khus Khus ( Poppy Seeds), 1/2 tsp
  • Oil, 1 tsp

Wash the baby potatoes thoroughly and pressure cook them in adequate water for 1-2 whistles or till they are done
They should be cooked yet remain firm
When the cooker cools, remove the boiled potatoes and when they are cool enough to handle, peel them and keep aside.

In a kadhai, heat 1 tsp of oil and on medium heat roast the coriander seeds,  urad dal, channa dal and  Byadgi dry red chillies, until the dals change colour. Remove from heat and keep aside to cool
In the same kadhai, add the coconut gratings, white sesame seeds, and poppy seeds and sauté on low heat till the coconut gratings turn slightly golden and give off a good aroma
Remove from heat and allow this to cool. 

In a small mixer jar, grind together all the roasted ingredients (mentioned above ) to a coarse powder. Keep aside. This forms the Podi ( spice powder) 

Heat 2 tbsp of oil n the kadhai and on medium heat add the mustard seeds, when they splutter add the asafoetida, and sauté till it gives off a good aroma. Now add the curry leaves and sauté for a few seconds.
To this, add the boiled and peeled baby potatoes, and salt to taste
Mix well and cook on medium/low heat for about 5-7 minutes stirring gently from time to time till the baby potatoes get a little roasted and begin to change colour 
Next add the Podi (spice powders) 
Mix /toss gently and cook on low flame for a couple of minutes till the baby potatoes get well coated with the powders
Switch off the gas and transfer to serving bowl
Serve the Baby Potato Podi Curry along with steamed rice and rasam 

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